2 Turn Lock KA
2 Turn Lock KD
All Plastic Locks L20mm
Cam Lock Striker Hooked
Cam Lock Strikers
Cam Locks
Contract Drawer Lock
Double Glass Door Lock
Drawer Lock
Drawer Locks L22mm KA
Drawer Locks L22mm KD
Drawer Locks L32mm KA
Hooked Cam Lock Striker
Hooked Cam Lock Striker
Mortice Lock
Mortice Locks KA
Mortice Locks KD
Plastic Lock with Catch
Plastic Strikers
Plastic Strikers 4.5mm
Push Lock
Push Locks L19mm KA
Push Locks L19mm KD
Rim Lock
Round Tube Furniture Legs Round Tube Furniture Legs
Single Glass Door Lock
Out of stock
Slam Locks L22mm KA
Slam Locks L22mm KD

To guarantee the security and privacy of priceless assets or sensitive information, a reliable supply of locks for cabinets and cupboards is essential. High-quality cabinet and cupboard locks are often constructed from durable materials like steel or brass and feature a solid locking mechanism that is challenging to tamper with, providing the user with peace of mind.
You can find an extensive range of locks for wooden and glass doors, cupboards and drawers to fit your specific requirements all made from various high quality materials to suit the application.