Brackets & Glides

Bracket 45°
Corner Braces
Dome Glides Dome Glides
Mending Plates
Nail-In Glides D15x1.6mm Nail-In Glides D15x1.6mm
Plastic Corner Glides Plastic Corner Glides
Plastic Cupboard Glides L50xW14xT3.0mm Plastic Cupboard Glides L50xW14xT3.0mm
T Braces

A secure and dependable support system for various types of furniture and fixtures requires high-quality brackets and slides. For example, a bed frame or shelf might be connected together using brackets, whereas glides are made to allow for simple movement and positioning of furniture. They come in a number of sizes and shapes to complement different types of furniture and fixtures. They may be made from a range of robust materials, such as steel, aluminium or plastic. FHD provides a wide range of high-quality options, including a variety of sizes, materials and installation methods to meet the particular requirements of each application.