Adhesives, Fillers, Sealants & Edging

Alcolin Contact Adhesive Alcolin Contact Adhesive
Contact Adhesives Contact Adhesives
Deluxe Caulking Gun Deluxe Caulking Gun
Ilex Lacquer Thinners Ilex Lacquer Thinners
Ilex Turpo Turpentine Ilex Turpo Turpentine
Melamine Edging Pre-glued Melamine Edging Pre-glued
Melamine Edging PVC Melamine Edging PVC
Pekay Contact Adhesive Pekay Contact Adhesive
Pekay Wood Glue Pekay Wood Glue
Royal Wood Glue Royal Wood Glue
Soudal Contact Adhesive Soudal Contact Adhesive

FHD offers high-quality adhesives, fillers, sealants, and edging for a variety of applications, including woodworking, building, and DIY tasks. Strong, long-lasting bonding that can endure extensive usage, exposure to moisture, and variations in temperature are created by high-quality adhesives like wood glue and construction adhesive. Spackling and wood filler, for example, can be used to smooth out imperfections and prepare surfaces for painting or staining. Sealants like caulk and silicone can assist prevent damage and energy loss by sealing air and moisture leaks. Sealant is a substance that is used to prevent fluids from seeping through surfaces, joints, or gaps in materials. Sealants might be temporary or permanent, weak or strong, flexible or stiff. Nonetheless, certain sealants do have adhesive properties. Wood filler is a putty-like substance used to cover cracks and defects in wood surfaces. Edging, such as PVC edging and veneer edge banding, may give furniture and cabinetry a polished, finished appearance.