Barrel Nut
Cam D15xH11.5mm
Cam D15xH12mm
Confirmat Screws Confirmat Screws
Connecting Screw Connectors M6x30-40mm Connecting Screw Connectors M6x30-40mm
Connector Caps Connector Caps
Cup Washers
Dry Wall Screws
Flat Head Joining Screw Flat Head Joining Screw
Handle Screws
Insert Nut Lipped
Mirror Screws
Nail-In Anchors
Nylon Dowel D10xL11mm
Nylon Dowel D8xL11mm
Plastic Handle Screws
Steel Connector
Tee Nuts Tee Nuts
Turbo Screws
Undercut Screws
Wafer Screws
Wing Nut
Wood Thread M6x24/35
Wood Thread M6x34/45mm
Wood Thread M6x34/45mm

A fastener is a piece of hardware that mechanically connects or fastens two or more things. a piece of wood, plastic, or metal used for item support, attachment, or fastening. Reliable and secure connections between various parts and structures are made possible by high-quality fasteners. Fasteners are available in a number of sizes and styles to meet various sorts of applications and load requirements. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as steel, brass, or plastic. FHD provides durable fasteners that are simple to install and offer a reliable connection between various components, guaranteeing a seamless and high-quality finish.